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Lamb Pressure Cooker Recipes

Lamb is one type of meat that is both good for you and great when cooked inside of a pressure cooker. Since most cuts of lamb can be tough if they are not cooked perfectly, placing lamb inside of a pressure cooker is an excellent solution. Recipes that include an acidic base (such as tomato)… Read More »

Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

The Best Electric Pressure Cooker There are a lot of cooking appliances available today. That is why it is virtually impossible to figure out which one is best suited for you, if you just walk in an appliance store and take a look at what is available. You need to do your research to find… Read More »

Instant Pot Duo 60 Versus Instant Pot Lux 60

Instant Pot Duo 60 Versus Instant Pot Lux 60 – Which One Is Better For You? There is nothing quite like having a smart cooker in your countertop. You can cook a lot of different dishes with just a push of a button. For those who have not had the luxury of owning a smart… Read More »

Instant Pot Vs. Power Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Vs. Power Pressure Cooker: Which One Suits You Best? Each household has different needs, especially in the kitchen. For a household blessed with good cooking skills, one type of cooking appliance isn’t enough. The problem is, having all these appliances for cooking can be very impractical, especially if you don’t get to use… Read More »

Rice Cooker Versus Pressure Cooker

Rice Cooker Versus Pressure Cooker: What’s The Difference? Countertop cookware has become the norm for any household. With the influx of so many countertop cookware over the years, knowing which one to use to get the best results can definitely be confusing. You wind up doing a trial and error method, which can become quite… Read More »