Best Juicer Machine Reviews

By | July 13, 2018

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Are you looking for the best juicers which are enthusiastically available in the market? Here we help by telling some better suggestions though a number of models are available in the global market. Often you ask your friends, relatives, neighbours that “which is the best juicer 2012 in the market?” we have to choose the best juicer and with that what we are intended to do with the juicer but don’t choose an ordinary juicer.

There are four types of categorized juicers machines that are available in the market. They are as follows:

Citrus juicers: It juices only the citrus fruits. The best recommended citrus juice maker is Breville 800CPXL DIE. It is made up of cast stainless steel and with motorized citrus press. It is very simple to use. We can just use one of our fingers to press down.

Centrifugal juicer: It juices only the fruits and non-leafy vegetables. The best recommended centrifugal juicer is Kuvings NJ-9500U. It works with amazing speed. It takes very few seconds to make the 10 ounce glass of the juice.

Masticating juicer: It juices mostly the fruits and vegetables. The best recommended masticating juicer is Omega VRT 350. It gives a great and higher amount of yield from the vegetables and fruits. It is the best choice for the people who are conscious about their health.

Triturating juicer: It juices almost all types of fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, rice, greens, etc. The best recommended triturating juicer is Super angel 5500 which is made-up of stainless-steel. It operates the minimum and slow speed so that it helps in preserving the nutrients in the juices at the maximum levels. More over this Super angel 5500 is the perfect choice and best juicer, because it looks nice and stylish moreover, it gives the high yield nutrients.

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