Lamb Pressure Cooker Recipes

By | July 13, 2018

Lamb is one type of meat that is both good for you and great when cooked inside of a pressure cooker. Since most cuts of lamb can be tough if they are not cooked perfectly, placing lamb inside of a pressure cooker is an excellent solution. Recipes that include an acidic base (such as tomato) are particularly adept at helping to break down the tough muscle that lamb can have.

Nutritionally speaking, lamb is incredibly low in sodium (watch how much salt you add to any dish in order to avoid raising sodium levels), has a large amount of Vitamin B6, and it is also an ideal source of protein. Some addition nutritional factors that lamb has include Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Selenium.

While the amount of meat that you eat should be kept to a healthy amount, lamb is one of the best meats that you can consume health-wise. When shopping for lamb, look for products that are actually labeled “lamb,” since products labeled “mutton” or “hogget” are not as tender. Meat labeled “lamb” ensures that you are purchasing a young lamb instead of an older lamb (tougher meat).

Generally, lamb is sold as three different cuts including the hindquarter (hip and leg area), forequarter (shoulder blade, neck, and front legs), and loin (ribs). The best cut for a pressure cooker recipe is the hindquarter, since this cut requires hours of cooking. You may also be able to find lamb chops and leg of lamb (both excellent for any pressure cooker recipe) in your local grocery store. However, the best lamb meat comes from a professional butcher – look for one in your area when you want to prepare a great lamb dish.

Lamb is a popular meat in most Mediterranean countries, though it is also popular in the Middle East and in Africa. Lamb recipes that include spice, lemon, and a tomato base are often derived from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or African cultures. Contrastingly, lamb that is served with any kind of mint or mint jelly is recognized as a British dish.

When cooking lamb, be certain not to overcook this meat. While lamb can become extremely tender when using a pressure cooker, overcooking lamb will result in tough meat. Lamb is best served with some type of starch such as rice or potato.

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