Pressure Cooker Models

By | July 15, 2018

The possibilities offered, as far as pressure cooker models and quality levels, are several: from the classic pot with a rotating valve, to the more modern which have it in the “handle-lid”. The main advantage of the latter is the enhancement in steam outlet through a series of regulating valves. Due to this system, the cook can control, even in the middle of cooking, pressure control according to the food that is being prepared. This way, the dish can be tasted at its best.

Prepared to operate in every type of heat (gas, electricity, ceramic hob and induction) and with the comfort of being able to place them in the dishwasher, they have become a true temperature.

Manufacturers have devised a new pot generation with a more advanced and sophisticated pressure cooker system: the super fast ones. Less time, less energy cost, more quality.

Just in time: When cooking in pressure pots we must be careful depending on the type of food we wish to prepare. To achieve a dish at its best and retaining all the vitamins and nutritional properties we must consider a series of aspects.

If it is fish, to prevent it from shredding it is advisable to wrap it in a dishtowel and cook it for around 2 and 10 minutes. Time varies depending on the fish and the type of pot used, fast or super fast. This type of pot is ideal for beef since it demands lengthy cooking. The maximum time that beef would take in this type of pot will be 30 minutes and all of the flavor will be preserved.
For vegetables it is essential to use a small amount of water so they can preserve all of their color and vitamins. The ideal cooking time is one to ten minutes approximately depending of the vegetable’s specific properties.

Pressure cooker Security Systems:

Fortunately nowadays there are extremely perfected utensils in the market that have been made with the only intention of assuring complete guarantee when using them. In any case it’s essential to follow instructions to the letter as far as the amount of water, time or pressure.

Regulating pressure valve. Its purpose it to keep the pot’s working pressure. It acts as a steam outlet in the case temperature reached is too high.

Depression valve. This valve intervenes in preventing an excessive pressure increase. In some models, this devise includes a sound mechanism that alerts its operation.

Lid window. This object allows the lid’s closing clasp to dilate enough to allow steam outlet. It only acts in extreme cases when the steam outlet steam valves jam.

Various pressure cooker Models and Brands:

Correct use of a pressure cooker

When using pressure cookers it is necessary to consider a series of advice that will bring optimal results and will avoid any type of problem.

The maximum amount of liquid the pot can admit is 2/3 of its total capacity and the minimum is ¼.

When working with food that bloats or foams excessively it is best to fill the pot to the middle since it can cause a steam outlet obstruction.

The pot should not be opened when still pressurized. It is not advisable to cool it artificially since established cooking times consider the amount of time the steam takes to emerge.

To achieve more energy savings, the moment in which the pot reaches its highest pressure point, heat should be reduced. Savings will also be achieved if once away from the heat, the pot is kept closed until pressure reduces making the most of the heat inside.
The pot’s lid is something that always needs to be washed by hand and following the manual’s instructions.

It is fairly common that bluish pots appear at the bottom of the pot. If this happens do not apply bleach or ammonia since this would induce corrosion. A good remedy is rubbing them with vinegar.

If the pot begins losing steam through the closing clasp it is a symptom that it needs to be changed. For its correct maintenance it is convenient to wash it after each use and dry it before installing again.

The lid needs special care, for example after each use it is recommendable to hand wash the steam outlet orifice and the security valve with a dipstick.

The parts need to be checked continually, more so when the pot has been used frequently. Any part of these utensils has spares. If we wish to safely buy any spare, it is better to turn to the artifact’s company which will be able to provide any accessory we need.

In order to clean super fast pots, it is not necessary to dismount the depressing valve; it is enough to wash it under a pressure jet.

It is very important that the pot is cooled by water immersion since that would plug the steam outlets.

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