Rice Cooker Versus Pressure Cooker

By | July 12, 2018

Rice Cooker Versus Pressure Cooker: What’s The Difference?

Countertop cookware has become the norm for any household. With the influx of so many countertop cookware over the years, knowing which one to use to get the best results can definitely be confusing. You wind up doing a trial and error method, which can become quite costly because you’d have to buy both in order to find out which one you prefer. One such dilemma is whether to choose a rice cooker or a pressure cooker. To save you money and time, we’ve made a comparison on which one to go for to finally settle the issue.
Both countertop cookware look the same, but that’s about it. The similarities end there. They both serve different purposes. Let’s break it down further.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker’s main purpose is to well, cook rice. Rather than cooking rice on a stove top, using this countertop is the much more efficient option. You just fill it up with rice, put the right amount of water and press the button. Then you are pretty much all set. You can do something else while waiting for the rice cooker to finish its job. A rice cooker gets its heat from an external source, which is the either a heating pad or coil. That pad or coil will heat up the water inside the rice cooker and cause the water to evaporate and turn into steam. Then the rice will start to absorb the steam until it becomes soft and ready to eat. So in turn, any dish that can be cooked that way will work with a rice cooker.

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker on the other hand, works a different way. A pressure cooker will usually have a lid that will not allow the steam to evaporate. It traps the steam inside the cooking chamber which will generate pressure. When steam, pressure and heat is trapped inside a chamber, it will cause any food inside to be cooked. A pressure cooker is best used to tenderize meat. So normally, if you want to cook roast or stew, using a pressure cooker will achieve the best results in less time.

Which One To Choose?

To answer this question, you must know what you want it for. If you just want to cook rice, buying a rice cooker will do. All you have to do is press the button and sit back and relax. A pressure cooker on the other hand, can cook rice and a whole lot more. You can even cook rice in as little as four minutes if you use a pressure cooker. The bonus of being able to cook other foods is basically the answer to this question. If you want to save up on money and space, getting a pressure cooker can serve as both your rice cooker and other dishes cookware. Now the real question is, will you get an electric type pressure cooker or a stove type? If you are on a budget, a stove type will serve you best. But if you want a more convenient option, going for the electric type pressure cooker is the better option. We hope that answers your question.

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