Turkey Pressure Cooker Recipes

By | July 15, 2018

Turkey is a popular holiday time treat, but this meat can be consumed at any time throughout the year as well. In fact, turkey used to be so rare that it was only available during the holiday season, though this is no longer the case. Today, turkey meat can be purchased in a variety of ways ranging from ground turkey to sliced turkey, and, of course, the ever-popular whole turkey.

Farm raised turkey meat is not the same as wild turkey meat. Wild turkey is a type of game meat that has a much richer taste than farm turkey meat. Wild turkeys often have a large percentage of dark meat, while farm turkeys usually have both dark and white meat. Generally, white turkey meat is thought to be better for you nutrition-wise, though this is not always an agreed upon fact.

Consumers can purchase both fresh and frozen turkeys in supermarkets all across the world. While fresh turkeys are usually more expensive, the quality of fresh turkey meat far surpasses that of frozen meat. In addition, frozen meat can have some unnatural additives that are not found in fresh turkey meat. If you intend on purchasing a frozen whole turkey, keep in mind that it may take many days to defrost an entire turkey. Alternately, you can place a whole frozen turkey in a sink-full of warm water for a few hours.

There are numerous ways to cook a turkey from baking to roasting. While cooking a whole turkey is popular, turkey meat can become dry if it is not properly prepared first. Brining a turkey will ensure that the meat retains moisture while cooking. When choosing a turkey pressure cooker recipe, look for a recipe that includes a fair amount of moisture. Cooking turkey in a sauce or gravy is a great way to retain a fair amount of a bird’s moisture. You can also cook turkey with a number of different vegetables in order to create an intense amount of flavor. When making turkey soup in a pressure cooker, using the bones from a roasted turkey will add a lot of depth and taste to any turkey soup recipe.

Loaded with protein and low in calories, turkey is a great meat to add to your repertoire. If you’ve never tried a pressure cooker turkey recipe before, give one of our recipes a shot. You’ll find that turkey is quite easy to prepare, takes very little time to cook, and provides a hearty meal for all of your favorite diners. From turkey stew to pulled turkey (and even sausage turkey!), you’ll love this tender and tasty meat.

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