Veal Pressure Cooker Recipes

By | July 13, 2018

The meat of small calves is known as veal. There are numerous types of veal that can be purchased according to feeding type. Veal is popular around the world for its supple texture and mouth-watering taste. When shopping for veal, take the time to consider the type of veal that you are purchasing. Most packages are marked with one of the following terms.

Bob Veal is a type of veal that is sold throughout the United States. This mark denotes calves that are slaughtered once they have reached 150 pounds. In most instances, these calves are only a few days old when they are killed for meat.

Formula-fed veal refers to calves that have been given a milk supplement. This type of veal meat is usually pink in color, and it tends to have a firmer texture.

Non-formula-fed veal refers to calves that have been fed grain or other solid foods. This type of veal meant tends to be darker in color, and some fat marbling may be visible. Free-raised veal meat comes from valves that live in pastures, and feed naturally on mother’s milk. Since this meat does not contain any additives of hormones, the color of free-raised meat is quite rosy.

Calves that are slaughtered for veal meat are often of the dairy variety, since dairy cows have tender meat when they are at a young age. Throughout the world, veal meat is quite popular due to its taste and texture. Many different Italian and French dishes rely upon veal meat, and these two cultures have perfected many unique veal delights.

Veal meat is relatively low in fat, which can pose a problem if you are not careful when you cook this type of meat. For the best possible flavor, take the time to coat veal meat in some type of breading before adding this meat to any pressure cooker. Breading will help to keep veal meat moist while it is cooking. Veal can be cooked for hours if the temperature is low, though it must be checked periodically to ensure even cooking.

Using some type of tomato-based sauce in order to cook veal is a good idea, since the acid in tomato sauce will help to break down any tough veal parts. When veal has been cooked well, the meat should literally fall off of the bone. There are many different types of veal cuts that can be purchased, though veal shanks are generally sold more than any other cut.

As with any other kind of meat, it is best to avoid buying your meat at a large supermarket. Instead, visit your local butcher, and ask for quality veal meat. You’ll find that the type of meat sold at a butcher shop is a lot better quality-wise than meat sold in a large mega-store. If you do not have a butcher near you, pay attention the label on a package of veal (keeping the types of veal listed above in-mind).

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